If you had a traffic accident in Germany and possible had been injured hard, you urgently need a lawyer!

Welcome to the law office of

Accident-lawyer Twitting !

Our law firm represents your interests against the insurance company. It doesn’t matter if you was involved in a traffic accident being a pedestrian, a car-driver or a driver of a motorcycle.

Anyway, a fast and professional  help is necessary for you.

To reach maximum compensation sum for your aches it is absolutely needed to apply to a lawyer who is an expert in traffic law rules of the country in which the accident happened.

Announcing your claims to the representatives of the German traffic insurance in your country is not sufficient. So you will never obtain the right sum of money. There are legal issues to negotiate and the opponent insurance company is just waiting for you to make mistakes.  And this  means that you will always lose your money. 

Be smart and apply to a competent lawyer! 

By the way: If your opponent can be blamed for the accident, the automobile insurance must pay your legal fees, including the costs of your lawyer.

Our law office addresses all your claims directly to the automobile insurance of the guilty person.

Please tell us your case. Accident lawyer Twitting exclusively represents injured victims, never the insurance company. or +492331409319. We love to speak English.